Search Engine Marketing (SEO, Google Ads, PPC, SEM)

I’ve been working with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) since it’s inception around 2004. SEM can be a powerful marketing channel because it presents a solution to a prospect’s pain precisely when they are literally searching for relief. This can all be tracked to uncover the most efficient marketing combinations that consistently produce demonstrable, ROI-positive results.

Facebook & Instagram

I have been seeing exceptionally affordable and effective results from Facebook for years. Facebook has a ridiculous quantity of data on its users, and a platform that allows advertisers to laser target their ads against demographics, psychographics, and geographics. This allows marketers to reach their ideal customers and rapidly obtain a high degree of efficiency with their advertising dollars.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Leverage user intelligence & behaviour such as interests, websites visited, past Google searches, and other verticals to show ads to people who are likely to be interested in the business or offer being promoted. It’s a great way to promote awareness and keep a brand, solution, or product top of mind.


It’s still a favourite, and very powerful when done effectively.

Conversion Optimization

The great thing about the internet is everything can be tracked. Seeing what initiatives are working, and which are not, has never been more transparent. Scale up the initiatives and Channels that are producing results and avoid wasting money on the things that just aren’t working. Then A/B Test & iterate for optimal performance.

Analytics & Reporting

I have extensive experience in data science and analytics. Whether it’s a high-level dashboard of actionable KPIs or extensive reports that drill-down, I will get the right data and information front and center. Specifically, I work on Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, HubSpot, Pivot Tables, Excel, and any two-dimensional array (aka a spreadsheet or database).


HubSpot is a leading CRM, CMS & Market Intelligence SaaS. Integrating HubSpot with a website and marketing channels can unlock powerful B2B Sales Insights and get all stakeholders from the C-Suite to individual sales professionals all pulling in the same direction. I have worked with HubSpot, integrating it with websites, marketing channels like Google Ads, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and configuring HubSpot for actionable reporting that cuts away the noise and leaves opportunities in plain view.

Branding, Value Props, Whys, and USPs

I am fluent in the language of brands and market position. I can help position brands and offers, and my experience allows me to develop websites and marketing collateral that are on-brand and effectively communicate the message of a brand and its offers.