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My name is Robert Collins and I’ve been working on WordPress since its inception in 2005, and professionally developing WordPress since 2013.
My team and I are serious WordPress geeks. We work directly in the code which gives us unparalleled flexibility and allows us to develop sites that are fully custom, light, fast, responsive, and versioned on various gits.
Whether it’s a brand-new site or improvements to an existing site, trust us to do the job right: on time, to spec, and on budget. You can try us risk free: if you’re unhappy with the work you won’t be asked to pay a dime.
Get in touch today, you will be glad you did. Here are just a few of the many reasons to choose Robert Collins & Associates for your next WordPress project:

Experienced, Structured Production

No clickers here. We know code and work directly in the PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and other languages that make up a WordPress site. We leverage plugins when appropriate; there’s no sense in redeveloping the wheel. This is especially true for standard plugins like Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Types.
We follow a formal planning and development process that ensures sites are built on time, to spec, and on budget every time.
We version our work on GitHub so you can review the code or get your in-house staff up to speed fast, and we leverage the same technology to ensure server stability and redundancy.

Full White Label & Wide Margins

I primarily sub-contract for marketing & web development agencies. All my work is 100% white label and my focus on low overhead on my end means strong margins on your end. Most agencies bill their end-client two or three times the cost of my work.

Serious Reliability

I’ve been running my shop since 2013 and I plan to do so for decades to come. There are no excuses here. My redundant, formally trained team means there is always a qualified professional ready to work on a project, and I personally manage every step of every project, am the sole contact point, and take full responsibility when the occasional mistake is made. I always answer the phone and respond asap to email, #slack messages, and carrier pigeons.

Pixel Perfect Details

I understand professionalism is in the details. All developments and changes go through a formal Qualitative Assessment (QA) Loop to ensure the project specifications are fully met before being released. You can rest confidently assured the work is done right and thoroughly checked before it is sent to you for proof or released to the public.

Fix Your Cost, Grow Your Revenue, and Scale Effortlessly

For most agencies it’s feast or famine when it comes to websites, to say nothing of getting good value and ROI from your development staff. We are more reliable, consistent, and nimble when compared to an in-house developer. And unlike with employees, you only pay for the value added. We’re standing-by and ready to dig into your project in short order, and when you hit a lull in your web development work you can rest assured we’ll be there when you need us again, no matter how big or small the update.
No retainers and no minimums. Say goodbye to retraining staff and hoping new hires have the experience, ethic, and knowledge to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

UX Passion, for all the Front-end and Back-end Users

The key to a great looking website is a consistent frontend, and the key to a consistent frontend is a structured backend. All our builds incorporate our core-focus of making content updates easy for admins that render beautifully and consistently for the public on the frontend.

Full Spectrum

The core of my business is WordPress development and hosting, but we have extensive experience in each phase of the web development process. We partner with tried-and-true industry professionals for specialized work such as aesthetic design. We can help you with the entire process, or one or more phases like coding.

Adjacent Technologies

We are well-versed and have extensive experience with 3rd party integrations like HubSpot, Zapier & APIs, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, SEO, and Facebook and Google Ads to name a few.

No More Changing in the Storefront Window

We leverage development and staging servers on virtually every project we take on. This means you can proof development and changes on a private server. Once everything is confirmed we seamlessly move the updated site into the public’s view.

Business & Marketing Acumen

Full disclosure: I’m a recovering marketer. I have extensive experience in marketing and business domains including branding, market position, USPs, Value Props, Campaign Design, Deployment, and KPIs, A/B Testing, Agile, SEO, and Facebook and Google Ads to name a few.
My experience in these domains provides priceless perspective in driving synergy between a website and the goals of a business. Spoken like a true marketer.

Recent Work

We built this little website you’re reading now, and put it all up on GitHub. Otherwise, I let my clients take all the credit, so I don’t list the projects we’ve worked on here, but I’m happy to go over some examples of our impressive work. Book a call today!

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