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I’ve been running my shop fulltime since 2013. In that time I haven’t had a high quantity of clients because my clients stay with me for years at a time – a testament to the quality of my work and collaborative acumen. I look forward to going over examples of my work on a call and demonstrating how I consistently add value over both the short and long term. Get in touch with me today!


Here are some testimonials from my LinkedIn.

A superior blend of art and engineering marketing service delivery.

In my role as VP of Sales and Marketing @ Two Hat Security I hired Robert to help build out and execute on our corporate marketing strategy and action plan. Right from the start and throughout our 15 months working together Robert has continually met and surpassed my expectations. Marketing today is a complicated mix of multi channels, technologies A/B tests, strategy, design, process flow, coding, analytics and the list goes on and on. What makes Robert unique is his ability to deliver expert insight and guidance in all of these areas (and more) along with the ability to thoroughly implement the necessary tactics, carefully measure the results and continually suggest areas for improvement.

Specific areas of services and success include: Established Google Ads account and manage considerable Ad Spend budget. Account modulation over time has resulted in a more efficient Account. Worked with the Two Hat team to implement from scratch a ‘Lead Acquisition’ program through Ads and the Website that brings in a substantial quantity of Submissions/Leads. Managed the Graphic Design and Coding of high-impact landing pages on the website. Implemented concise, actionable reporting infrastructure. Resolved User Experience issues on the website that reduced visitor confusion and bounces while increasing visitor stickiness and conversions. Integrated all aspects of Two Hat’s digital marketing infrastructure so one thing (ie. Google Search Ads) can be leveraged against another (ie. Facebook Ads). Provide expert consultation and production for Digital Marketing initiatives at Two Hat, and help management navigate the complex world of Digital Marketing and deploy the technical infrastructure for various initiatives.

I continue to work with Robert here at Two Hat and would certainly recommend him for any organizations looking for similar marketing assistance. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you wish to speak further.

Mike Curliss

VP Sales & Marketing for Two Hat Security

Robert has been a valued partner in building our brand’s online profile. His recommendations and work effort enabled us to grow our organic search traffic by an impressive 80% year over year, blowing our expectations out of the water.

I appreciate his flexible partnership approach. It’s allowed us to leverage his expertise in and efficient and affordable manner while equipping our team with the skills needed to bring some portions of the work inhouse. Whether it’s SEO, SEA, other paid traffic tactics, social media or email, Robert has been a valued de facto member of our digital marketing team. Mona Csada

Then working at UTR Designs

Nufloors has been working with Robert Collins since 2015. I would highly recommend Robert as he is a true professional and provides affordable Web Development with intuitive administrative controls. Robert provides our company with reliable and precise technical production for Web Development and Digital Marketing. He is also experienced in SEO and delivers Nufloors a highly successful SEO performance. In addition, Robert is an expert at Digital Marketing analysis and consultation. He also creates informative, actionable reports from Big Data sets that cuts through the noise to help Nufloors focus on moving the needle for high impact initiatives. Robert always adheres to budgets and deadlines and is a valued partner in helping Nufloors achieve its goals. Debbie Smith

Director of Administration, Canada Nufloors Group Inc.

We’ve been working with Robert to optimize our website traffic, google adwords, and SEO. Not only have we had fantastic results, but Robert is great to work with. I highly recommend Robert’s online marketing expertise to anyone looking to optimize their web presence. Meaghan McCollum


I had the opportunity to work with Robert for the last two years.

He brought a very unique and rare blend of expertise and knowledge to his role as Online Marketing Specialist. I was always impressed with Robert’s knowledge base and work ethic.

Robert is a great collaborator and team player and was always there to roll up his sleeves and pitch in wherever he was needed. It was absolute pleasure to work with him. Wanda Palmer

Then a Manager at Excel Homes

Robert has been a valuable extended member of the Two Hat marketing team for over 3 years now and we couldn’t be more impressed with his dedication to customer service and expert consultation across many aspects of our digital strategy (website, google ads, reporting tools, SEO optimization, and campaign management).

In collaboration with in-house managers and executives, Robert managed the process and developed all the technical aspects of our newly revamped and responsive website that seamlessly integrated with our marketing automation tool. His technical expertise enables us to optimize our digital strategies and tools to ensure we are bringing in quality converting leads. Highly recommend Robert and his team.

Christina O'Reilly

Head of Marketing at Two Hat Security